The Moffett Group

Who We Are

The Moffett Group is a unique government relations and strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC. Chaired by Toby Moffett, a highly-respected former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, we provide comprehensive political strategies for our clients to ensure that their messages are well received at the highest levels here in Washington.

Committed to working with clients whose stories we like, we communicate these stories to critical policymakers on both sides of the aisle in both houses of Congress and the Obama Administration. We specialize not only in direct intervention and advocacy for both our private sector and nonprofit clients, but in maximizing impact for those clients by creating and strengthening coalitions of private and public players.

What Makes Us Different

As a small firm, we pride ourselves in making client relationships a top priority in order to consistently deliver top-quality work to those we advocate for. Every client is afforded full access to the unique expertise and experience of the entire Moffett Group. Whatever the goal, our team will use every resource at our disposal to achieve success as the client defines it.

Here at the Moffett Group, we are more than just advocates for our clients. We strengthen that advocacy by dedicating a substantial amount of time and effort to developing and maintaining a variety of public and private coalitions, whether to enhance our clients’ causes or because we are inspired to do so pro bono. Examples of these coalitions range from an alliance to address consumer rights issues in appraisal reform to a movement to lead in the fight for public financing for political campaigns and increasing transparency in lobbying.

Our chairman, former U.S. Representative Anthony "Toby" Moffett, brings a variety of experiences and capabilities to our efforts that few, if any, other advocates in Washington share. Aside from serving four terms as an elected member Congress, Mr. Moffett has been a vice president of a Fortune 100 company, a teacher at various institutions of higher learning, and a TV anchor and producer.